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Watch Story 8: Reckless Responsibility

Watch Story 8: Reckless Responsibility

Story 8: Reckless Responsibility

Stories from the Storyteller Season 1 • 11m

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  • Story 9: Pick to Play

    When the “littles” (Tyson and Bunny) are the last to get in an epic (and zany) annual family field-day game and Bunny effort- lessly scores the winning touch down and gets rewarded, the “bigs” (Kelsey and J2) and the “middles” (Kylar and Kam) feel burned—having been in the game longer. At bedtime...

  • Story 10: The Good Samaritan

    When Tyson gets bullied and mistreated at the local dog park, an unsuspecting ally comes to his rescue. Later, when the family realizes what was actually happening at the dog park, Jonathan and Kanika share the parable of the good Samaritan with the kids at bedtime.

  • Story 11: Birthday Party Prestige

    When the Evans kids are invited to a friend’s birthday party at a local go-cart track venue, Kam is honored with a well-deserved surprise after a few of his siblings comically miss the moment and have to take a back seat. At bedtime Jonathan breaks down the parable of the place of honor as the ch...