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  • Kylar's Crazy School Day

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    Kylar’s first day at school doesn’t play out just as her siblings had assured her when their promises to support her fall short and mirror Peter’s denial of Christ. At Storytime, Jonathan and Kanika relate the scenario to Easter by using the day’s events as a timely lesson.

  • Stories from the Storyteller Season 1

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    The parables of Jesus contain rich spiritual lessons for all believers, but many can be challenging for kids to grasp. Stories from the Storyteller follows the Evans family as they encounter real-world scenarios that serve as teachable moments for children.

  • Christmas Special - The Incredible Christmas Dream

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    In the midst of family Christmas stress and mishaps, Kam hatches a secret plan to recapture the true meaning of Christmas. With a little help from his parents and a mysterious old couple who run a local Christmas tree lot, Kam's plans come together with more magic and meaning than he could muste...

  • The Magnificent Grace of God

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    Many of us have grown up hearing about the importance of working hard to be good so we can earn our way to heaven. While working hard is certainly a virtue, no such work will ever get us into eternity with God. The truth is that all humanity has fallen short of His glory. Only through His unendin...